This 8 week course will involve an in-depth experience of mindfulness through learning heart, sound, body and breath based mindfulness and meditation practices. Each week we will learn new meditations which you will integrate into your daily life.

Mindfulness is shown to support practitioners to reduce stress, anxiety and depression. Practitioners report feeling more joyful and more able to live in the present moment. Experiences also include improved relationships, greater confidence and focus and less involvement with stressful and anxious thought patterns.

The course is ideal for complete beginners or those with a little experience. You will enjoy a full course workbook which covers each week of the course, lifetime access to all practices used on the course and a Certificate of completion approved by the UK Mindfulness Association. We will also share a day long retreat which will be organised at a time to suit participants.

Course objectives

– To have a full understanding of how mindfulness can benefit you in your life
– To learn a range of breath, body, sound and heart based mindfulness practices
– To Learn helpful ways to respond to anxious and worrying thoughts
– To learn helpful ways to respond to difficult emotions
– To learn how to live more fully in this moment and cultivate greater gratitude for the present
– To learn how to respond to yourself with greater kindness and self acceptance
– To support you to develop a solid mindfulness practice that you can take into the rest of your life

Investment £220. Amount can be paid in full, or a £75 non refundable deposit can be paid, with the balance due 2 weeks before the start date.

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