‘(I am) able to be more aware of my thoughts and mind set, I now avoid over thinking and over planning’ (Jane)

‘I am now able to accept the good and bad parts of me, thank you for helping me in my journey to better understand myself and deal with life situations’ (Tina)

‘The course has had a positive impact on my anxiety levels, concentration, appreciation of good things and perspective on difficulties. Amy set the mood and safe place very well and made me feel comfortable and supported’ (Claire)

‘Amy, you have a lovely attitude..you helped create and maintain an atmosphere of calm and respect’ (Clara)

‘Family and friends have noticed I am less stressed’ (Tom)

‘I feel less anxious than i did before the course. I am better at putting my stress and problems into perspective. I am also able to calm myself down more quickly when feel overwhelmed with work’ (Susan)

‘For several weeks did an introductory course to Mindfulness and couldn’t be happier with Amy’s methods.
Material was great. Particularly enjoyed the use of different tools to make the course more understandable, enjoyable, and rather interesting. The most important addition to the whole experience were the long chats Amy and I had, she has such beautiful insight regarding a mindfulness lifestyle. Hopefully soon I can keep on learning from her through a different course. Amy’s positive energy is contagious! Absolutely love it’ (Adrian)